Five Common Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Mistakes

If you’re fond of nature-packed sceneries for your lawn area but you can’t seem to fit taking care of it in your schedule. The answer is an automatic lawn irrigation or sprinkler system. This exterior home addition will keep your plants healthy day and night even when you’re busy with other more important activities in your life.

If you’re a first timer in installing sprinklers for your home, make sure you hire experienced and recommended plumber Singapore pros to handle the job for you. Should any problem arise in your sprinkler or irrigation system, such as pipe damage and nozzle problems, they surely know how to solve them.

Before jumping ahead to the planning and execution stage, know these five irrigation and sprinkler system mistakes that homeowners usually commit.

Different Types of Irrigation Heads for the Same Zone

Uniformity is the key to a good lawn sprinkler system. The different types of irrigation heads are bubblers, rotors, etc. They serve different functions and emit different amount and pressure of water. There shouldn’t be varying precipitation rate at the same time for your lawns and gardens.

The amount of water your plants receive should be uniform at a given time. Otherwise, some parts of the zone will be dry while the others are properly watered. This will, of course, prompt you to continue the operation of all the irrigation heads in the same zone, wasting water on those that are properly watered only to add water to those dry spots.

Insufficient Coverage for Irrigation Zones

Aside from the type of or the amount of water emitted by the sprinkler or irrigation head, the distance of these fixtures from the area being watered also affect the effectiveness of your system. Hire professional plumbers to do the installation because they are trained to measure the distances needed in this project. Improper installation will only result to insufficient water coverage for that area of your lawn.

Not using a rain shut off add-on for your sprinklers

Installing an irrigation system can cost a considerable amount of money. Plus, having this particular system maintained can also cost you in the long run. That’s why it’s important to fit your existing irrigation system with the proper add-ons to enhance its performance.

One such add-on you should install is a rain shut off mechanism. This device automatically shuts off your irrigation system the moment it starts to rain. This function will help you save money and time, especially if the rainy season has started. Furthermore, a shut off sensor is very affordable and easy to install in your irrigation system

Activating your irrigation system during an inappropriate time of the day

Most people don’t know it but operating an irrigation system when the sun is up is actually a wasteful practice. For instance, sprinkling water all over your property during daytime has no use since it will just evaporate quickly because of the sun’s heat. Setting your irrigation system to work during nighttime is also not a great idea.

Since temperatures are colder at night, adding water to plants at night can help speed the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria in them. The best course of action is to set your sprinklers to activate at dawn. This is an ideal time because every environmental condition in your surrounding are conducive to the growth of your plants.